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News and pictures - 2016

Villagers dance along to our first maypole day


Hurst village made merry with their first May Day maypoling event in living memory.

The event was organised by HuMP who morris danced along with guests OBJ morris. Then there was maypole dancing with tuition by Andrew Godfrey and music by HuMP musicians Mike, Chris and Margaret. Friends of the side Anne and Doug Richards organised refreshments.
HuMP Squire Karen said: "Dancers ranged from small children to people very much older! We'd like to thank everyone for coming, there was a really great atmosphere. We will certainly be considering doing it again next year."
                                                                                  May 2016

HuMP help radio presenter's stately home peach hunt

Radio Berkshire enlisted HuMP's help for their Saturday morning Peach Quest. Popular presenter Soose Courtney had to solve clues to discover where a peach had been hidden - somewhere in the radio station's area.

We were sworn to secrecy and Soose had to work hard to find the peach. Clever Soose tracked it and us down to Grey's Court near Henley where we danced and performed our mummers' play. Soose is pictured above, left, with the peach and being our enthusiastic Maid of the Mill, right.
                                                                                April 2015

Mayor and Deputy Mayor learn to morris dance


HuMP thought they'd have a tough time teaching Reading's Mayor and Wokingham's Deputy Mayor to morris dance.

But Reading's Councillor Sarah Hacker, above, and Wokingham's Councillor Bob Pitts, with his wife Val, below, turned out to be enthusiastic naturals!

Sarah and HuMP are both fundraising for Reading and District Fibromyalgia Support Group. Fibromyalgia is a long term condition which causes pain all over the body.

Above right are HuMP Squire Karen Ricketts, Sarah, Hayley Brant about to run the Reading Half Marathon for the charity, her Mum Brenda Brant who has fibromyalgia and is a former HuMP dancer and HuMP Foreman (teacher) Ian Brant.

Below left, Karen and Bob are pictured with Tim the doll dressed in kit by Jean Yannacopoulos (right). Bob said an official farewell to Tim who is joining the British Museum of Folklore's touring exhibition.                                                                                                                                         March 2016