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News and pictures - 2015

NZ photographer's journey to capture HuMP


HuMP's dance out with Borderline Morris at The Shurlock Inn, in picturesque Shurlock Row, was captured by photographer Liv Batchelor. She had come all the way from New Zealand to witness a tradition completely new to her.

There were to be honest additional, probably even more exciting, reasons why she had journeyed from the other side of the world. Our thanks to her for the photographs.                                                July 2015

Magic sticking at Littlewick Green


It might have been the fading light, but HuMP's sticks had a touch of Harry Potter wizardry when the side was dancing at The Cricketers, Littlewick Green. We had a great evening with Datchet Border Morris.
The pub's flowers made it pretty as a picture - as was our Annie, right.                                July 2015 

Hear ye! Hear ye! Town Crier proclaims HuMP

Beaconsfield's Town Crier Dick Smith gave us a magnificent introduction when we danced at Bradbury House residential home in Beaconsfield.

Dick, only the third Beaconsfield town crier since 1900, made sure no-one could mistake who we were at the home's summer barbecue. We're pictured with Dick and home manager Wendy Stallwood.                                                                                                                                                    July 2015 

Ever so stately Hurst Morris tours historic homes

We had a great and sunny day dancing on the fabulous green lawns of Greys Court and Nuffield Place, both near Henley.

Above, we're posing among the stunning clematis flowers at Greys and, below, outside Greys Court house.                                                                                                                                          June 2015


Celebrations for May Day and founder Christine

Yippee! Sheila (above left) and all of HuMP  celebrated St George's Day at The Green Man, Hurst.

Our joint founder Christine was also celebrating a special birthday. Our versifying Squire Ian wrote her a  song being performed above, centre. Then Ian gave her a big hug on behalf of us all.

Shinfield Shambles and enthusiastic locals joined in with the dancing, below left. Clare, middle, was in fine form, as was fiddler Amanda, right, having a reviving cuppa. 


The Green Man laid on a succulent hog roast for the big crowd which flocked to the ancient pub which used to be in Windsor Great Forest.                                                                                             May 2015

Our St George helps Hurst mark England's great day


HuMP's dancer Karen took up arms as St George for the  premiere of our mummer's play, performed, appropriately, on St George's  Day.

She's pictured on the forecourt of The Castle Inn, opposite St Nicholas Church, about to  slay the Turkish Knight. We also had an enjoyable evening dancing with OBJ Morris.                           April 2015  

Crowds greet us as learned HuMP go up to Oxford


HuMP's first dance date of the season was at Oxford Folk Festival where we were greeted by crowds of
visitors and shoppers, and great sunshine.

Above left we're dancing outside the Bodleian Library and above right we join another side to perform
outside Oxford University Museum of Natural History.                                        April 2015

HuMP to revive ancient mummers' play at The Castle


For the first time in over ten years HuMP are reviving a mummers' (folk) play dating back to the 18th century.

The play at The Castle Inn, Church Hill, Hurst RG10 0SJ is on St George's Day, Thursday April 23.

It stars St George, a Turkish Knight, a quack doctor and Molly. The HuMP version was written by the side's dancer Nic Yannacopoulos in "more or less rhyming" couplets. The evening starting at 7.45pm also features dancing by HuMP and OBJ Morris of Bracknell.

HuMP recently presented (below right) £290 to the National Autistic Society, their annual charity for 2014.


Pictures tribute to our late musician David Prince





Our beloved musician David Prince, who has now passed away, is pictured above at some of the many HuMP dance outs for which he provided us with great music, humour, love and wisdom.

Clockwise from top left:

  • David, his wife Amanda who is another of our lovely musicians, and their daughter Catherine at Hurst Show and Country Fayre 2012 where they led tremendous fundraising in aid of HuMP's charity of the year, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity.

  • In action on the accordion, David is pictured, right, at Henley Show 2011.

  • David, top right by the pillar, with the side at Oxford in 2011.

  • At the keyboard this time, David at White Waltham in 2010.

  • Back at Oxford in 2013, David, centre, plays in the April sunshine.

  • Making sure everyone got the message, front and back, at Hurst Show!

  • At Hambleden, David in black hat, helped welcome in the month of May, 2010.

  • Keeping tourists from all over the world entertained, David in dark glasses at Oxford 2011.