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A feast of fun at harvest supper

We made lots of new friends at the St Marys and St Barnabas churches's harvest supper at Thatcham, including the jolly-looking chap above.

Many parisioners joined in with some of our dances. We were there, of course, to spread the joy and tradition of morris dancing. But at the same time they generously invited us to tuck into their sumptious harvest feast - yum! Oct 2013

Unusual musical techniques at the Henley Show

We enjoy our day out down on the farm at the Henley Show. Above left dark clouds glowered but we kept smiling. Above right Amanda and Mike explore unusual musical techniques during an interlude. Sept 2013

Ancient pastime helps conserve ancient church (dancers much younger)

HuMP musicians and dancers have fun performing all over the place. At the same time we often help others raise funds for good causes.
We enjoyed playing and dancing at St James church, Finchampstead fete which raised £5,500 towards conserving their 12th century church.     July 2013.

A Jolly evening with the Fishermen by the canal

Dancing takes us to characterful places, including the Kennet Canal side in Reading where we danced outside the Fisherman's Cottage and Jolly Anglers pubs as guests of Kennet Morris.     June 2013

Villagers submit - and discover their inner dancer

HuMP can entice most people to discover their inner dancer, as proved every year at Hurst Horse Show and Country Fair where we invite everyone to join us in a dance.
See above where, hands in the air, visitors submitted to the inevitable, later assuring us they'd had a great time. The show, on a blistering hot weekend, had record crowds and raised £1000s for good causes.
June 2013

Summer's evening with Queen Victoria's chestnuts

HuMP at Hare Hatch: dancing at the picturesque Queen Victoria pub, on a beautiful summer's evening, horse chestnut trees blooming. . . . .sorry, so easy to get carried away!
We had fun dancing with Maidenhead-based Taeppa's Tump who dance the North West style of morris.     June 2013

Hurst Morris elbow their way at Rochester Sweeps

Rochester Sweeps Festival with thousands of people crammed into the city's historic streets was stunning. We developed a tactful technique to elbow clear enough space to dance.

Ian (above left, in waistcoat) looks wryly determined to enjoy his sweeps festival, before disappearing up another sooty chimney. But happily, that night he was tucking in at an Italian restaurant (above right) with all the other HuMPers.

The side performed its brand new Hurst Hills dance (below) at the festival. The dance, composed by one side member with input from others, follows the Stanton Harcourt Cotswold tradition.

Bottom left, a street before HuMP elbows got to work and, bottom right, we had the chance to dance with other sides.     May 2013


Roaming in the gloaming on May Day

May 1 saw us roaming in the gloaming of the early summer evening at our first pub dance out of the season at The Frog and Wicket at Eversley. We had a great evening with Fleet Morris.      May 2013

Pupils leap into action for St George's Day

Every pupil at The Coombes Primary School, Arborfield Cross, joined in the dancing to celebrate St George's Day when we visited. HuMP also demonstrated several dances at this wonderfully welcoming school.

Our musicians played, as usual, fantastically well. How lucky we are to have live and lovely music to dance to. And that's what we keep telling them because: a) it's true and b) musicians are among our team of great bakers who supply us with delicious cake for our get togethers!     April 2013

HuMP falls victim to crafty ducks as 2013 season starts

Big crowds of visitors from all over the world greeted us at Oxford Folk Weekend, our first performance of the 2013 dance out season.

Above left we danced in Broad Street. We picnicked, above right, in sunny Christ Church Meadows where the ducks expertly charmed our sandwiches straight from our bags to their beaks.

Among the 600 dancers at the festival were the group, below left, at Gloucester Green looking so exotic compared with very English morris dancers. Below right Hurst Morris relaxes at the end of day: a great start to our new season.      April 2013